Steps to Sharing Internet Connection on Windows 7 Laptop – Wireless Wi-Fi Hotspot

Steps to Sharing Internet Connection on Windows 7 Laptop – Wireless Wi-Fi Hotspot

ad hoc is the most popular and easiest method to sharing internet connection on Windows 7 laptop using Wi-Fi hotspot. You can share your laptop’s internet connection over the Wi-Fi with other Wi-Fi enabled devices around your laptop’s range. so that you can access internet on other Wi-Fi enabled PC/Laptop/SmartPhone or Tablets etc. Here we will discuss step by step details with screen shots for how to sharing your internet connection on your Windows 7 Laptop. Here we will create a Wi-Fi hotspot using ad hoc method which is the inbuilt  feature in your Windows 7 OS. Then we will use the Wi-Fi connection on other Wi-Fi enabled devices with the access point name and a password.

Create a Wi-Fi Wireless Network Connection (Wi-Fi Hotspot)

 Step 1:

First turn on the Wi-Fi in your laptop. There must be a specific key in your key board for turn On/Off your laptop’s Wifi .

 Step 2:

Goto right corner of the  taskbar  and click on the internet access notification icon. You can find the  notification icon just left hand side of the date- time display option (bottom right corner of your screen). If you are not getting the notification bar then you might see an arrow before left hand side of the time option. Click on the arrow and then you will get the internet access notification icon. Refer the below images for more clarity. Note: Steps are squared with red color border with numbering.

=> Click on Internet Access Icon -> Click on Open Network and Sharing Center.


Note: If you could not find the above step, then Go to Control Panel->Network and Internet->Network and Sharing Center

 Step 3:

Then click on Manage wireless networks. You can find this option from left hand side panel. Refer below image for more clarity.


Step 4:

Then click on Add option to create and add a new wireless network, which will be the access point for sharing the internet.Refer below image.

Step 5:

After step 4, You can see a screen which asking you “How do you want to add a network”. Click on Create an ad hoc network. Refer below image.


Step 6:

Then you will see a new wizard for set up a wire less ad hoc network. Click Next button on this screenRefer below screen.

Step 7:

This is the most important step. We will give a network name with password. The name will be display as Wi-Fi name and the password will protect your internet sharing from unauthorized users. Fill the below fields as described below. Then click next.

1. Network name: Techblogon

Note: You can give any name here.

2. Security type: WEP

Note: Select WEP option from the drop down list.

3. Security Key: Give a 5 digit password here. Remember this security keys.

Note: Give 5 digit security key (password). If you will give more than 5 digit key then it might not work on some devices from where you want to share this internet.

4. Hide Characters : This  option is optional. Leave it

5. Save this Network: This option is Optional. We recommend to check Save this option.


Step 8:

Then you will see a new screen showing The ******* network is ready to use. (Note: ******* is your network name which you have given just before this screen). Then click on the option Turn on Internet connection sharing  on this screen. Refer as below image.  This is the final and  important step for the setup.


Step 9:

Then you will see a new screen and showing “Sharing your internet connection“. Just wait for some moment, then the setup will finish for you and you can see a text written as “Internet connection sharing is enabled“. Then click on Close button to close the screen. If you can see this screen then your set up is complete for Sharing Internet Connection on Windows 7 Laptop. Refer below images.

Step 10:

Your connection is now ready. Go to Step 2: (See the image). Now you can see your Wi-Fi access point name (‘Techblogon’ in my case) below the “Wireless network connection” label. Your access point name will show in the in the list of access point as status Waiting for users. This Wi-Fi name will be display in other Wi-Fi enabled devices, so that you can connect to it. Once you connect to this Wi-Fi from another device, then the status will be changes from Waiting for users to Connected. We will discuss how to connect in the next step. Refer below image.


Now  Sharing Internet Connection on your Windows XP Laptop

Now your Wi-Fi hotspot is ready, now time to access this Wi-Fi from other Wi-Fi enabled devices. I have 2 laptops, so i will show you how to connect this Wi-Fi in my other laptop (The Operating System is Windows XP in my other laptop). Note: You can connect with your Mobile Phone, other Laptop and PC with the same way, if that is in your Laptop’s Wi-Fi range.

Step 1:

Go to Start->All Programs->Connect To->Wireless Network Connection. Refer the below image.

 Step 2:

Click on Refresh, Wait for some time. Then select the Wi-Fi name from the list, then Click  on Connect button (You can also double click on the Wi-Fi name). Refer below image. I have marked 1/2/3 for step by step process in the below image.


 Step 3: 

Now you can see an screen like below. Fill your password (security key) 2 times, which you have given while you created your Wi-Fi hotspot connection for sharing internet in Windows 7. Then click connect. Wait for some time.


 Step 4:

Now after finish the above step-3, wait for sometime, the connection will be establishing. First it will acquiring the network address, then after sometime it will connected to your Wi-Fi. It might take some time(from 2 to 3 minutes or more). Refer below images for clarity.


Step 5:

Now your setup is ready. Open any internet browser and enjoy your sharing internet connection on Windows 7 laptop.

Problem/Issues whiling Sharing Internet Connection on Windows 7 and XP.

  1. You might facing issues while doing the above steps. If same Wi-Fi name exist, then delete it first and then create a new connection. Also you can create a new connection with a new Wi-Fi connection name. To delete the existing connection Goto the location where you have created. Then select the network and delete it. (Refer Step-4 in the section ‘Create a Wi-Fi Wireless Network Connection (Wi-Fi Hotspot)’ above)
  2.  It is temporary solution for sharing your internet connection. So after shutdown your PC/Laptop, it might not work. Then create a new connection with a new name or first delete the old connection and create again will work for you.
  3. This procedure might not work for Android based smartphones and some other smartphones. I will write a article on how to Sharing Internet Connection on Windows 7 and Android Smartphones very soon.

I hope this small tutorial on ‘Sharing Internet Connection on Windows 7′ can help at it’s best.

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