What is Smart TV all about? Know Some Basic Smart TV Features

What is Smart TV all about? Know Some Basic Smart TV Features

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What is Smart TV all about? Did you know some basic Smart TV features?

Television (TV) manufacturer industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. You might have used the first generation bulky CRT TV, now it is time to use Smart TV. There is a big change in technology. Here we will discuss about Smart TV. First let’s know what is Smart TV all about, and then we will know some basic Smart TV features, which makes a TV very smart.

What is Smart TV?

In simple word, Smart TV has the inbuilt internet browsing facility, which makes the TV very smart. You can browse internet in smart TV just like your PC without any additional peripheral. You can also browse Facebook, watch movies on YouTube etc.  Also you can find some other interesting features like games and applications. There are two different types of Smart TVs. Your TV might have all Smart TV features. The second option is your setup box can have all the Smart TV features instead of your TV. We will discuss all features latter in this article.


How Smart TV is different from a normal TV

On a normal TV, you can just watch TV, but in some TVs like(LCD, LED, OLED), you can watch TV along with connect your USB drive for accessing movies, videos, music and pictures etc.

On a Smart TV, you can find all normal TV features along with the internet browsing features. Let’s have some discussion about some important Smart TV features below.

Smart TV Features

1. Internet Browsing

Internet browsing is the feature that makes the Smart TV very popular. Whatever you can do on internet in your PC, same thing you can do it in Smart Phone. Some web popular web applications are already inbuilt in Smart TV (like Facebook , YouTube, Games etc), so that you can us enjoy them whenever you want.

2. Motion Control

Some Smart TV has inbuilt motion control features. You can play games and select different apps just moving your hand on the TV screen.

3. Voice Control

Some Smart TV has inbuilt voice control features. You can control all TV functions by speaking into the built-in microphone on the Smart Touch Remote Control

4. Online Streaming

You can watch your favorite videos and movies and music in a Smart phone using the internet connection.

5. Inbuilt Webcam

Smart TV has an inbuilt webcam, which helps you for motion detection for some game and other inbuilt applications. Also you can make Video calls using some web applications (like Skype, GTalk etc) with help of the webcam.

6. Inbuilt Wifi

Smart TV has the inbuilt wifi feature. So that you can search available wifi near your TV set and connect to the wifi for internet browsing.

7. Smart TV Apps and Games

Some inbuilt games are installed in the Smart TV. Also you can find some motion control games in your Smart TV. No need to touch your TV remote or the TV set. You can just move your hand on the screen as per the instructions and enjoy the game.

8.   Download and Develop Smart TV Apps

Some Smart TV platforms provide public SDK and NDK for third-party developers, so that they can develop applications for it. Also they provide online app store for end-users, so that end users can install and uninstall apps in their Smart TV just like your Smart Phones and PC.

How to Access Internet in Smart TV

As we discuss some important features of a Smart TV above, now there are some questions in our mind.

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Q1. How to interact with the web browser in a smart TV?

Ans: There are 2 different options to connect the internet in a Smart Phone.

         1. You can put your internet broadband cable just like your PC.

         2. You can use Smart TV’s inbuilt wifi feature to connect with the internet.

Q2: Is there any peripheral like mouse, keyboard supported by the Smart TV?

Ans: Yes, you can use other peripheral with your Smart TV.

1. you can use wifi enabled wireless keyboard (peer-to-peer connection) which coming with your Smart TV.

2. You can use USB wired keyboard using the USB port of your Smart TV.

3.  Also you can use the inbuilt soft keyboard and access it with help of your Smart TV remote control.

Convert Your TV to Smart TV

As we know Smart TV is very expensive in market, so it is not possible to buy Smart TV for most of the people. If we want to feel the experience of Smart TV features, then there are two different way to make you’re your Normal TV and that will work like a Smart TV.

  1. Buy a smart TV enabled setup Box, whose cost is very low as compared to the Smart TV, and then enjoy the smart TV experience.
  2. Second option is a work around and this is from my point of view. I am using this option with my normal TV. Just buy a HDMI cable or normal Monitor cable. Connect it from your computer/laptop to your normal TV. Use your existing internet in your PC/Laptop. Just use your PC/Laptop as a keyboard and your big screen TV as a monitor. Enjoy internet browsing in your TV screen.

 Difference between a Smart TV and Internet TV?

Finally you might have a question in your mind that what is the difference between a Smart TV and Internet TV?

The answer is very simple. It is almost same. Smart TV has the latest name and having some extra interesting features with it.

How to Buy the Best Smart TV

We have already discussed some important Smart TV features, now it is depends upon your choice. First think about your requirement and then have a look on the above Smart TV features. I hope the above points about Smart TV will help you to buy buy the best Smart TV for you. We advice, first read online reviews on Smart TVs, then compare features for each smart TV as per your reqirements, then buy your Smart TV.

Best Smart TV in the World

There are so many Smart TV manufactures in the world market. You can trust upon some brand companies Smart TV like:  Samsung Smart TV, LG Smart TV, Sony Smart TV, Panasonic Smart TV, Sharp Smart TV, Toshiba, Vizio Smart TV etc.

I hope this small tutorial will help you at its best and can provide some basic information and ideas about what is a Smart TV along with some basic features.

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