• IT Tech support for homes and business . See the difference !

    All Genesee County: Grand Blanc, Burton, Flint, Davison,

  • We have been custom building brand new &  refurbishing off lease high end pc's for over 15 Years now

    We will custom build exactly the pc you are looking for right down to what type of fan you may need, or we stock several off lease business class laptops and desktops.


    We get very high end pc's that cost sometimes thousands 1-3 years ago from off lease business's , and they are still very usable "Most of the time more usable than brand new Big Box Store pc's) 
    The reason is business class use better components right from the beginning. Better power supply, motherboards, hard drives, even better & more durable cases to last longer.

    we test out pc before doing a low level format of the hard drive. Then we do a fresh install of Windows operating system , newest device drivers, and then install essential applications:

    Google Chrome, Firefox, Adobe reader, Antivirus, DVD / CD Rw Software, 7-Zip, and any other requested software that is available for your needs.

    Prices range from $125 - $600 typically for both laptop and desktop depending on specifications.

  • *** Special 

    DELL Intel Core2Duo, Dual Core, 4GB , 80GB DVD-RW Win7 Desktops $100

    While supplies last


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